Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Survival of the Fittest

Surviving Chadwick by debut author Phillip Wilhite is a reminder of sacrifices worth making. Too young to understand the bondage of Jim Crow, young Isaiah Issacson does not agree with his parent’s decision for him to enroll into Chadwick, an elite boarding school.

This work, although familiar in many ways, gives the reader something new through Isaiah’s narrative voice. With strong prose the author invites the reader inside the mind of the searching teen as he struggles with the mindsets of classmates, instructors and the real and imagined drama that comes with being fifteen. Added to his state of dissatisfaction are his lingering thoughts of Jenaye Gardner. Fifteen years later a request for him to attend a Chadwick reunion includes a note from Jenaye.  At this pivotal point in his life he reflects upon those bittersweet times, that whether he admits it or not, helped to shape who he has become.

This is a period piece that reaches beyond its past tense era to become a relevant conversation for today.

Learn more about the author and his works at: http://survivingchadwick.com/